Sam Surin's representative with US 44th President
Mr. Barack Obama in Sam Surin Suit.
What an incredible suit. I could never truly appreciate the real comfort, pride and joy of having a hand tailored suit until now. The quality is incredible, and the details are amazing, it's a real treasure, and is a jpy to wear. Everything from the monogrammed shirt. to the detail of the cuffs, everything about this screams one of a kind.
Liam Mclntyre from Spartacus series.
Sam Surin with Hollywood star Manu Bennett from Spartacus, Arrow and The Hobbit.
Sam Surin with NBA super star Kobe Bryant. Sam Surin has designed Suits for many NBA superstars.
The shortest Hollywood actor, height 2 ft 8 in (0.81 m). Verne Troyer from Austin Powers as Mini Me and as Griphook in Harry Potter and the Stone of Wise in Sam Surin and shirt.
Hollywood iconic actor William Shatner from Star Trek series in Sam Surin Suit & Shirt.
Two times Mr.Olympia body builder champion and movie star Lou Ferrigno in Blazer, Shirt and Jeans designed by Sam Surin.
Sam Surin with Jason Momoa from Games of Thrones, Justice League and Batman vs. Superman.
Sam Surin with Hollywood superstar Chris Evans from Captain America movies. Sam Surin has designed suits for many Hollywood super stars.
Hollywood iconic actor John England AKA Freddy Kruger from nightmare on elm street in Sam Surin Suit & Shirt.

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