Sam started chasing his dream at a very young age when he took over from his family business in 1989, which was successfully being run for over 50 years. Sam travelled to Europe & America to study fashion. And later travelled extensively around the world to understand the nitty grittiest of the fashion world coping up with its fast changing dynamics and to understand the market trends and its demands. He established a new company under the brand name of SAM SURIN with a very small yet likeminded team which has in all these years become like a big family of over 500 professionals.

The Company was founded on 3 core principles- Quality, Attention and Value. Now the company has acquired an exceptional status for the quality and the service it provides internationally, which is why we are considered amongst the best tailors in Asia. In 1997 SAM SURIN was awarded ‘Thailand’s Best Men & Women’s Custom Tailor’ and it has won 10 such awards in last 20 years. The brand sustained its status and has remained at the pinnacle, thanks to the significant care and detailing by the team with their exquisite workmanship, the company has always given its highest priority at providing each client with nothing but the best. It is equipped with a team of highly experienced tailors and an effective Quality Control Department that verifies each detail to confirm that the client is provided with the finest customized clothing. Today SAM SURIN takes pride in saying that the company has over 1.5 million satisfied clients globally.

The primary intention it embraces is to provide clients with an outstanding service while building and preserving reputation as one of the best in business. Ours is the only company in all of Southeast Asia that is operating with its own factory with 300 specialized tailors and over 200 personnel in retail. Most of the customers revisit to place orders and are constantly recommending our Brand further to their associates, friends and family. SAM SURIN is slowly but surely becoming a house hold name among the fashion enthusiasts.

New Royal Fashions By Sam Surin