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"Sam Surin's team has to be the best in the business, great attention to detail, eye for the measurements (you guys know what you are doing) overall great service. During the session they answered all my queries patiently, the fitting clothes reached earlier than I was told and the other 4 suits reached on time as well. I am making sure they have my support, they are so good."

Connor Long, San Diego, USA
"Hi Sam, your team has to be complimented with the way they managed so many people with patience, I was worried how would my clothes come up in all the chaos (it seemed) but, when my packet arrived today I noticed that clothes never looked better on me. I am looking forward to meeting you guys sometime soon. Cheers!"

Rolf Gray, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, USA
"I received the package and love my new suits,vest & shirts. Thank you so much, I will not shy away from letting others know. Please let me know when you'll be back in the NY area."

Guy Montgomery, NY, USA
"I’m very pleased with the quality of fabric and the craftsmanship. It fits great"

Allan F Smalls, New York, USA
"I discovered Sam Surin’s team 3 years back at my brother in law’s office, they had held a private event where they had invited many friends and relatives including me. I just got two suits stitched that day but ever since then I get my clothes done from nobody other than them, the understanding of the fit and fashion is class apart."

Jim Colton, Chicago, USA
"Suits fit great, please keep these last measurements for the future."

Michael Moore - Los Angeles, USA
"I want to thank Navin for prioritizing my meeting as I had to leave the city, your professionalism and behavior is highly appreciable"

Andrew, NYC, USA
"I am a Sam Surin customer since last 7 years and have found their tailoring to be of the highest standard, I have no plans to switch somewhere else particularly for my suits and shirts. I like the customize jeans that they make too. Their highly competent staff is very professional and always helpful"

John Crenovich, Pasadena CA, USA
"A happy experience with the Sam Surin’s team, highly recommended"

Joe, Texas, USA
"Great experience! Looking forward to meet again, please mail your scheduled dates earlier"

Roger Moore, San Francisco, USA
"Good job guys! Suggested my two cousins to buy from you next time"

Tom Gray, Houston, USA
"Got the package a couple of days late though. But it was worth the wait. The suits and shirts fit and look really nice. Thanks."

Jennifer Hall, Los Angeles, USA
"Thank you SAM SURIN’S team, we received the package today, everything looks precise"

Rhonda Clooney, Chicago, USA
"I loved the fit and the feel of the fabric, my embroidered name in the jacket looked cool. The shirt too wasfitted and nice. Great work! Looking forward to seeing you guys"

Jeff Astle, Denver, USA
"Chris Sethi Rocks!! It is him that I enjoy meeting a lot. He is so supportive and knowledgeable when it comes to style and measurements"

Tom Rich, IDAHO
"My brother in law Fred had suggested your name. It was a pleasure meeting your team this time. Thefitting is perfect, exactly the way I had wanted it to be now waiting for your next visit to Salt Lake City"

Roger Carvy, USA
"Exceptional quality, nice service, the fitting was amazing. Thank you for the effort. Looking forward to see you again"

Ben, USA
"I applaud you for the efforts that you made in my fitting of suits, which mostly never fitted me so well. Extremely happy to see myself in your suggested fabrics and designs. Thank you"

Dominic, USA
"This is the best that I have seen myself in a suit over the years, Sam Surin team has made my day, very encouraged to recommend my colleagues and friends to experience your good work."

Christopher. NYC, USA
""Fantastic" is the word for you guys. The suits that you made for me, makes me feel like a million Bucks"

Robert, Denver, USA
"I noticed the thoroughness of Chris’s measuring, no wonder the suit fitted me so well. The team was very patient with my queries. The array of options I had to choose from was great, I really liked the lining of the jackets, it was the kind that I had never seen before. I bought 5 Suits this time, never bought so many together. I still could have gone for more."

Philip Mckenzie, Houston, US
"Thanks for providing me excellent quality and service. See ya guys soon."

Robert. CA, USA.
"From the moment I walked into the Suite, Sam Surin's team took over, and made my life easy in choosing the best for me. I really appreciate their professionalism, the fitting, fabric, lining, all were great, looking to introduce my friends to them"

Patrick Cullins, Columbus OH, USA
"Professionalism, knowledge, style that is what Sam Surin has offered, I invited my friends for the private event held at a fancy restaurant, I think it went very well. We would like to have you people come back again sometime soon"

Shawn Kesterson, Houston, Texas, USA.
"The quality of the craftsmanship of Sam Surin was seen last year at my friend’s wedding, the clothes were really showing. I am happy to have stitched 2 suits from them for now"

Mark Evans, Vancouver WA, USA
"Thank you Sam Surin for the fantastic experience and one that I hope to repeat very soon. I like the Jeans too that you customized for me this time. The lining of my jackets were very different and nice too"

Ryan Courtney, Texas, USA.
"Great work. The suit fitted perfectly and the material with the lining too feels very good, the product is precise and cost effective. I would definitely be using your service again"

Thomas Hancock-, Clearwater FL, USA.
"Hi, just wanted to let you know that I received my jacket 2 days back and I love the fit of it. It has been well constructed and every detail is perfect. I want to thank the team that visited our city and the service they provided."

Tom, USA.
"Thank you very much! Received my order yesterday as you had promised. I love the shirts, they look cool. I look forward to ordering more of them.Good luck"

Ryan Rodricks, USA.
"Dear Sam Surin, received the packet today, it is a little late than i had expected and I wasn't sure how the clothes would fit on my son- well, it was worth the wait as my son Jason is extremely happy with the fit . His birthday was last week and it has been a perfect gift for him. Thank you!"

Mary Lee Thomas. Baltimore, USA.
"Thank you, noproblem faced whatsoever, all suits fit very well. They are very comfortable even while I am whole day at office, I feel the quality is just outstanding"

Matthew Wayne, NC
"I could not have expected this kind of a fitting being a novice to the bespoke suit world. I cannot thank Chris less for letting me have this experience. I just loved it"

Chuck Lewis, TX, USA.
"Sam Surin team did a great job at my brother’s wedding. I think the suits arrived well in advance, before I had even expected. My initials inside the jacket were too cool. Good touch."

Ted, USA.
"I appreciate the Tuxedo that you guys constructed. I got a lot of compliments. I did not know that a Tuxedo would look that good on me, thanks to you guys for the good work"

Gregory George, Baton Rouge LA, USA.
"My son George really loved the surprise that I had for him, wearing a Bespoke suit at 18 would delight any kid. Thanks to Sam Surin's team for having crafted his suits so well. He absolutely loved them"

Jennifer Gover. Salt Lake City, UTAH, USA.
"Received the package today, I couldn't wait any more. John had praised your team a lot, and it seems he was correct, the suit really fit well. And he looked very good."

Patricia Brown, New Orleans, USA.
"I am amazed by the service, knowledge of clothing and patience. The personal appointment service fitted perfectly with my work commitments. The collection of the suit range was superb, I liked the whole process. Would be happy to recommend others "

Jeff Johnson LA, USA.
"They always do a great job. I meet them at least once every year, my alterations are always on time, I like the personalized approach by them, I think every client is taken seriously"

Christopher Hawkins, New Jersey, USA.
"Thank You Sam Surin! for the excellent follow up in the alterations, Chris a member of your team was very supportive and patient. It all went smoothly."

Greg Simmons, LA, USA.
"Outstanding quality, cannot get happier with the workmanship and the detailing has not been overlooked. My signature in the jacket from the inside looked superb. I would recommend everyone to get their clothes done with Chris / Sam Surin"

Kevin Jefferson. Durham NC, USA.
"Hi there! All three suits recommended by you, I am not disappointed one bit, thank you for your support and time. Would be looking forward to ordering again soon."

Gary Tyson, Fort Worth TX, USA.
"Hi Sam, I cannot order my suits and shirts from anywhere else. This is how good you are. Keep up the good work."

Chuck Goldman, California, USA.
"I received the shirts today and they were great! They fit well and the pattern was exactly the way I had discussed. Thank you "

Allen. USA.
"Dear Team SAM SURIN you guys are a bunch of geniuses! You guys have made me appear 10 pounds less. How did you manage to do that? I have talked to a few friends and colleagues who are very keen to order clothes."

Dwayne Shepherd, USA.
"Thank You so much for fixing my jackets, you guys are brilliant,what service and expertise!! I would like to know when you would be travelling to Sacramento next. I have a few friends who are willing to buy clothes from you."

Joseph Fallace, USA.
"I think the pricing of the kind of suit you guys make is Great! It's hard to find a top class Custom made suit at these prices you offer, also I like the private appointments that you give to your customer"

Pete Moore, USA.
"SamSurin follows a very transparent and supportive approach in tailoring, I like their style"

Kevin O'Brien, New Orleans, USA.
"I was referred to Sam Surin by Chuck Slewinski, my colleague, they have been tailoring my suits ever since then, my shirts too are made by them. Highly recommended bespoke tailor"

Courtney Nash, Boston. USA.
"I think Chris Sethi is amongst Sam Surin’s group members, I am sure Sam would be proud of him, this guy is amazing, I like his fashion sense and he is very cordeal to talk to, looking to meet you all soon."

Lindy Teresa, CA, USA.
"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sam and his team for having efficiently managed the wedding order so well, it is a huge responsibility to be a groom’s father, all the packets reached on time, the friends and the relatives really found the fitting top class. Thank you once again for all the effort."

Daniel Kahale, Hawaii, USA.
"The jacket is absolutely stunning - perfectly fitting, fabric is fantastic and trendy"

Zavin Rashid, Missouri, USA
"There is no point wasting time elsewhere when Sam is around, the problem is that the representatives should be visiting Australia"

Simon Clooney, Atlanta, USA
"I have always liked the idea of personalized tailoring. And I was introduced to Sam Surin by a friend. No regrets,they are a good bunch of professionals"

Neil Audrey, Detroit, USA.
"It's a pleasure and honor to Visit Sam Surin and his team at their headquarter at Bangkok,Thailand. I am sure I surprised them by my visit. I had the pleasure of being shown the factory and the showroom of Sam Surin all by himself. I loved the way the suits are constructed, it is indeed a tedious process. Thank youSam for the great hospitality"

David Cooper, NYC, USA.
"Hi, received the Suits today, they are in good condition"

Derrick Gomez, CA, USA.
"Service and quality of Sam Surin was excellent! That is what is actually expected from a world class tailor, when would you guys come back to LA, thanks to Keith to have introduced me to you. I am already recommending your name to my colleagues at office, all the best"

Dave Muldowney, CA, USA.
"I liked the swiftness and professionalism shown by your team, good job!"

Rhonda, LA, USA.
"I appreciate the suits suggested by the team Sam Surin, they are really being liked by my family. Would recommend your name to my colleagues at work."

"I bought 4 suits this year in March, since it was my first experience with this company I wasn’t sure what to expect. But with the exceptional quality and fit that they have provided me I am very happy, hope their service continues forever."

Mathew Jacob, Toronto.
"Absolutely love my new suit, it really fits well, I was excited because it is my first Bescope experience. My mum gifted these 2 suits on my graduation. Thank youguys! Will recommend others"

Peter Cotwell, Kitchener, Ontario.
"It's been 6 straight years now since Sam’s team is making superb clothes for me and my father. I never use any other tailor, Sam’s professionalism and personal touch makes him stand out from the rest"

Eric Maybury, Barrie, Ontario.
"If you want to experience a true bespoke experience, then Sam is your person, I am in touch with Sam for over a decade and I meet him or his team at least once every year. Each time the style experience is different. I have got my clothes made at other places too but nothing compares to Sam Surin. Good luck."

Edwin Pattison, Ottawa, Canada.
"I have recommended you to several friends and I am pleased to say that they have been very happy with your quality."

B Brugge, Belgium.
"Just as I ordered, no details left! the great work!"

S Dijkhuis, The Netherlands.
"Your service is outstanding! The clothes fit perfectly. Thank you so much and Wish you all the best."

P Roels, The Netherlands.
"I have received the parcel today, and everything seems to be in order"

N Joncheere, Lennik, Belgium.
"The suits are OUTSTANDING. You tailored it exactly as I imagined it, a perfect fit."

Eric Thoregaard, Hasselt, Belgium
"Suits arrived,everything fits great, Thanks so much again. Look forward to see you again next year."

M Rensford, Sydney NSW, Australia
"Everything arrived today, thank you for the good service!"

Philip Olsen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Dear Mr. Sam Surin: Many thanks for the lovely suit. I'll send you a picture for the next brochure!"

KjellAarsland, Stavanger, Norway.
"Just wanted to let you know that I have received the suits and am extremely pleased with the results. Thanks again!"

Per Larsson, Stockholm, Sweden.
"Package arrived. I tried everything and they fit beautifully. Thanks for the complimentary face masks and ties which adds a nice touch. Whole experience from remote went well - from sending sample fabrics to video conference calls with Chris."

F Badri, Sydney
"I have recommended you to several friends and I am pleased to say that they have been very happy with your quality."

Bart van Bruggen. Zwolle, The Netherlands.
"Just received my suits and shirts. The fit is perfect!!! I love the embroidered name inside the jacket. All my associates are jealous"

Koen Wuyts, Antwerp,Belgium
"My shirt and trousers arrived today. I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship, fabrics, etc and also with how quickly the order was completed."

Walter Mueller, Zurich, Switzerland
"I just wanted to let you know that the parcel arrived this morning. The suits are OUTSTANDING. You tailored it exactly as I imagined it, a perfect fit."

Eric Thoregaard, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"I would like to thank you for your wonderful tailoring! I recently got back from my wedding and honeymoon. Your Tuxedo was a big hit at my wedding. I referred you to many of my friends. Again thank you all for your excellent work."

Lars Sødal, Sandefjord, Norway.
"Dear Sam Surin; I really liked the fitting and the feel of the fabric, I regret taking only a couple of suits, looking forward to seeing you soon in Canberra."

Richard Marson, Australia.
"I liked the range of fabrics by your company and appreciate the fit. It went exactly the way I had wanted it to be. Will recommend it to others."

Don Karabin, Brisbane, Australia.
"I think the meeting went smooth, the fit too is fine.Why don't you guys come more often to Amsterdam?"

David Evans, Netherlands.
"It was worth the wait at the Hotel, the suit fitted me really well, I want to thank the team of Sam Surin. Please send me your next scheduled dates for Brisbane. Last time you were there in Brisbane, but only for a day."

Jean Mcclure, Australia.
"Got the package today. Was wondering how would the fitting be as it is my first experience with you people. It fit very well. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you again."

John Varey, Canberra, Australia.
"It could not have been a better gift to my father, he really liked the fit and the fabric textures, He has asked me to personally thank you for your effort."

Darren & John Gray, Australia.
"I want to thank the Sam Surin team for the wonderful work and the parcel reached on time. We appreciate that."

Jason Tremblay, Melbourne, Australia.
"I think every penny that I paid is worth it, I just loved the fitting of my Jacket and trousers, the lining is also cool. Looking forward to seeing you guys again."

John, New Zealand.
"Received my suits today, everything is fantastically done, happy to meet Ravi from team SAM SURIN for the first time this January, looking forward to seeing them soon."

Walter (Germany)
"Great Service, great feel, this is my first experience of a Bespoke fit suit. This Sam Surin team is a bunch of great guys, I was very comfortable with them. Great Experience!"

Daniel Brown, Melbourne.
"Happy to have my first Bespoke experience. Great Experience! Looking forward to meeting the boys from SAM SURIN again,It is really worth it."

Jacob Gemmell, Sydney, Australia.
"Experienced staff of Sam Surin was helpful in making my fabric choice for suits and shirts. The fitting is top class (as I had expected) the parcel arrived in time. I would highly recommend your name to all my friends and colleagues"

Noah (Belgium)
"The Jacket fit is Awesome, - Perfectly feeling fabric, it is really good. Good work Sam Surin"

Oliver Johansson (Sweden)
"The reservation was scheduled to my convenience, which I really appreciate. The quality of the fabric and the fit was top class. Please put me in reservation every time you visit Australia"

Richard, Melbourne.
"Dear SAM SURIN team, it was a great pleasure meeting you at my buddy's home, the experience was indeed a great one. It was fun knowing so much about the latest trends and cuts in a good suit. I am very happy the way the suit has fit me in spite of my weight.Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon"

Jay Hopkins, New Zealand.
"Thank You Sam Surin for your exceptional customer service, I really liked the suits. Looking forward to seeing you again soon."

Zac Anderson, Melbourne, Australia
"The experience and knowledge of the SAM SURIN team is exceptional, looking forward to meeting you people for suits required for my brother’s wedding coming October."

Stefan Villinger, Sydney.
"Wanted to fill in the gap of my Wardrobe with something really good. I liked the trendy clothes made by my new Bespoke tailor ‘Sam Surin’. How happy I am with my suit and shirt fitting, I can't even express. Thank youteam for the good work"

Mark Ho, Canberra.
"The suits and shirts have fit well, when would you guys come next to New Jersey? I would like to introduce my friends "

Peter Coggins
"The jacket is absolutely splendid it fits so well, I like the fabric too.Good luck to you guys."

David, (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)
"Thank you team Sam Surin, you were not only courteous but very professional, I appreciate the good suggestions you gave me while choosing my designs. Would love to see you guys back soon"

Roland Stellios( Australia )
"I got my suits stitched by Sam Surin for the second time. I have bought suits from other top brands but I found the collection and fitting not less than any of them, I could actually buy more at the same price. I hope that you guys visit Netherlands more often"

Oliver Stanton, Amsterdam
"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sam Surin and his team for their fast and friendly service. I would not hesitate once to recommend this brand to anyone"

Sam White, Belgium.
"I had the privilege to order from Chris directly while he was here in Denmark in 2015. His calm composure and his mannerism was a stand out quality. I have never had better suits in my life, ever since every year, I have visited and recommended Sam Surin to everyone I know who wears suits."

Aleksander, Denmark.
"Happy to see your team again this year, I thought you would travel in May, I missed the email, a pleasant surprise nevertheless."

Barry Landale, Australia.
"The fitting of my suits and shirts was a pleasant experience. I think the clothes cannot be better as they are a perfect fit and body shape. I will recommend you to my colleagues at the office."

Jacques Fahour, Sydney.
"I was suggested getting my new suits from Sam Surin by an office colleague. It has been a very happy experience with them so far"

Trevor Orlowski, Brisbane.
"Hi there, I received my packet in the afternoon. Got the jackets and my Tailcoat Bob had suggestedthey fit well, I couldn’t wait to check the fitting of the Tailcoat. It looked nice. Thanks for your quick service"

Patrick Rose, Canberra, Australia.
"Wow !! is the word that comes to my mind now, I received the packet a couple of hours back, I was somewhat worried as the function is very much around the corner. Now I can worry about the other things. I tried the suit and the shirt and they fit exactly the way I had wanted. Thank you Sam Surin"

Simon Le.
"I am ecstatic with the way the suit has fit me. You guys are just great!!"

Jeff Chetti.
"Whenever I wear the suits designed and made by SAM SURIN, compliments are never rare. I think that is because of the highly talented and professional team. Kudos!!!"

Roland Corbally, Melbourne.
"Wearing customized suits and shirts has become a habit, I just can't get away from them. Iam Spoilt by you team Sam- Just kidding, these guys are too good at their craft. Keep the good work on people"

Joe Bolt, New Zealand.
"My third time shopping with you guys. Good experience again, my alterations were addressed well again.Thank you"

Stephen Sykes, Norway.
"I had a problem with my suit for the first time though but the follow later was amazing, my suit was corrected in a very short span of time, i am happy that this group is very service oriented."

Henry, NZ.
"Awesome service, Nice product, the communication was also nice and prompt, that is exactly what one would look forward to from a Bespoke tailor. Good job! Sam Surin, my brother in law too had high praises for your team."

Arthur Fischer, Berlin.
"Thanks a lot! I have received my order on time as promised! I loved the jeans- did not know that you made jeans also, loved the fit, the shirts too fit me well, let’s meet again whenever you are here in Melbourne"

Robin, Melbourne, Australia.
"The suits are of a great quality,the fitting too is very nice, overall a good experience."

Todd Wilson
"I am impressed with the quality of my suit, the waterproof suit is always great. I wasn't sure about the texture, but it has come out great"

Tobi Smith.
"Great Service! Would not come and meet these guys, though I am much older now, I have already recommended my son and grandson to come to you too."

James C. Caldwell.
"I received my packet today on time, my suit has fit well, all the shirts too are looking good. Thank you."

Peter Zekaria, Netherlands.
"Super! just loooooove my new suits, my trousers too never fitted better, good time to receive the packet too. I feel they deliver in quick time, Kudos!!"

T Pinto.
"My suit arrived today, thank you for being prompt, I was expecting it in two days. The fit is superb. All the best for the future."

Sanjay Saldanha, Brisbane, Australia.
"I think these guys are amongst the best in the business, good quality fabric, nice fit and are very humble and professional when they meet."

Robert Embleton, Australia.
"Terrific fit!excellent customer service this was the first time experience, would like to meet your team again. TC"

Ronnie Eldwin.
"Met Bob, a member from Sam Surin team, very supportive and swift in his measurements, I like the whole concept that you people follow, keep the good work on"

Michael C. Carlson
"With so many options, choosing a tailor could be tricky. Sam Surin has the experience and the skill to understand what the client is looking for, his consultants are highly skilled and efficient. Their follow up is great too"

Joyce Craig, Oslo.
"I received my packet a week late, I think the fitting has made up for it"

Walter P.
"I first visited them 3 years ago, ever since then it's been going smooth"

"Great quality, no fuss, amazing value for money, I have to admit that Sam Surin’s team is doing a good job. "

Roger Saemore
"Adam was great! I really appreciate the fashion inputs from him. The suit really fit well. I was expecting a good job after interacting with him. Thank you team Sam Surin."

Van Bakker, Netherlands.
"Cool stuff! Now that’s what I needed.The overcoat looks and feels good.Had ordered 3 shirts too, all of them fit perfect "

"The parcel reached last week, we were expecting it a couple of days earlier though,all the clothes are fitting well.Thank you"

Andrew Jones,New Zealand.
"Everything you sent fit just as I expected, I couldn’t be happier!

Jayson Moore.
"I received my order today, and, to say the least, I am completely blown away by how great they fit and look. There are no issues with the fitting of the jacket, pants, or shirt-all the items fit perfectly. I am extremely excited to receive my remaining items.
Thank you so very much. I cannot begin to convey how happy I am with my purchase."

Javier Balderrama.
"Your team was outstanding!! Can’t say enough about Chris and his team!! The care and attention to detail set them apart from most!! OUTSTANDING!! Thanks for the great customer service."

Rod Broadway, Charlotte, North Carolina
"Just another THANK YOU. Your suits are PERFECT! I had a charity event I put on every year for Momentum Wheels for Humanity. I had 320 people at the event and they all said how good I looked. I told them it had to be the suit, and they agreed.
They were perfect and thank you!"

Koorosh Zartoshty, California, USA
"Thank you sooo much! We have received the suit and Luke tried it on and loved it! Fits perfectly! Thank you so much he is going to look like a billionaire on our wedding day!!"

Ashleigh Townsend, USA


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